* Energy Gift Basket

Energy Gift Basket Valentine's Day Special: $132.83

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* Gut Health Gift Basket

Gut Health Gift Basket Valentine's Day Special: $156.93

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* Immune Health Gift Basket

An Immune Health Gift Basket Valentine's Special: $172.53

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* Joint Health Gift Basket

Joint Health Gift Basket Valentine's Day Special: $205.26

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*Dr. Paul’s Immune Support Gift Pack

Support your immune defenses with full doses of immune system heavy weights in a convenient AM & PM packs.

Model : Dr-Pauls-Immune-Support-Gift-Pack

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Allergy Research Group Advanced NeuroPlus

Allergy Research Group Advanced NeuroPlus® Brain Nutrition: Spearmint, Lion's Mane, NT Factor, Citicoline, Coffea NeuroFactor, Ginsing (90 veg tab)

Model : Allergy-Research-Group-Advanced-NeuroPlus

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Allergy Research Group: InflaMed

InflaMed Connective Tissue and Joint Health* Proteolytic enzymes, MSM, Boswellia, Curcumin, Bromelain, Ginger, White Willow & Minerals (120 Veg Caps)

Model : Allergy-Research-Group-InflaMed

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Atrantil is the only natural, clinically proven product to treat digestive issues where they start in the small bowel.

Model : Atrantil

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Bio-Botanical G.I. Detox

The binding activity of G.I. Detox+™ is an essential part of any treatment strategy that includes removal. G.I. Detox binds and clears with comfort.

Model : Bio-Botanical-G.I.-Detox

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Bio-Botanicals: Biocidin Formula

Biocidin Formula a broad-spectrum combination of botanicals targeting gastrointestinal tract for yeast, harmful bacteria & pathogens.

Model : Bio-Botanicals-Biocidin-Formula

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Bio-Botanicals: Biocidin LSF

Liposomal delivery Biocidin LSF reports of reduction in pain and other symptoms in as little as 4-6 week, & reduction in Lyme biofilms

Model : Bio-Botanicals-Biocidin-LSF

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BioPure Cistus Tea

BioPure® Cistus tea is a proprietary blend of Cistus incanus and Cistus albidus loose-leaf tea. Supports immune and gastrointestinal function.

Model : BioPure-Cistus-Tea

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BioPure Stevia Leaf Extract Immune

BioPure® Stevia Immune is a Certified Organic extract of whole leaf Stevia rebaudiana. Provides whole-body wellness support.

Model : BioPure-Stevia-Leaf-Extract-Immune

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Bioray Artemesia & Clove Oraganic (2 oz)

Benefits: Removes unwanted organisms, Promotes healthy digestion, Improves restful sleep, Increases happy moods,

Model : Bioray-Artemesia-&-Clove-Oraganic

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Bioray CytoFlora (4 oz)

CytoFlora® balances intestinal dysbiosis, creating an environment for healthy intestinal flora to colonize and flourish while strengthening immunity.

Model : Bioray-CytoFlora

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